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Welcome to our family product and service Directory for Nassau and Suffolk County! We have design our directory with you in mind, busy parents that need to find out what they are looking for fast! You are just a few clicks away from what you need. First, select the county you want to search in, and then just pick the category for the service you are looking for. And last, choose form your matching results. It is that easy! Thank you for using our family and children focused directory.


Your Local Kids Source offers parents of young children a complete directory of local service providers in various categories. Whether you are searching for a Summer Camp, Education & Enrichment Program, Healthcare or Party Providers, Your Local Kids Source makes it easy for Busy Parents to Find What they Need FAST!

What we do

For Parents: Your Local Kids Source has simplified the online searching process by compiling a comprehensive directory of services and making it easy to navigate and find what suits your needs. With each search, you will have access to detailed business information, location, contact info, website, and more! Our goal is to help you find what you seek quickly, so you can spend more time doing more important things such as enjoying your family!

Who we are

Our team is comprised of parents and family oriented individuals who understand the needs and demands on today’s parents and family members. It has always been our goal to help fellow parents and caregivers find the local resources they need as quickly and easily as possible. We have drawn from our more than 17 years parenting experience and 12 years media experience to put all the Your Local Kids Source resources at your fingertips.

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